How to Decorate Your House for the Christmas Holidays

With the beginning of winters, the preparations for the festive season also begins. Christmas carols can be heard in the air and the markets are lit up with colourful lights and many decorative items. The celebrations might be different in each corner of the world, but the enthusiasm and the spirit of the festival always remain the same. Many people love celebrating the festival by visiting churches, doing charity, helping the poor and reconnecting with friends and relatives.

There are some people who decorate their home in advance for the Christmas Eve and stay in the charm of the festival. If you too are one of them and are looking for some new ideas to make your home ready for the season, then here are some tips that can help you do the same in a different style.

1. Start with the Front Door: Commemorating the festival always starts with the celebrations and nothing can be better than making your house ready for the festive affair. And the first step towards the same begins with the front door, the main entrance of your house from where you welcome prosperity, peace and joy. Decorate the front door of your house in such a way that each and every person that visits your house gets filled with the festive energy and becomes happy at the same time. Taking help of colorful lights, balloons, ribbons, decoration wreaths, etc. can enhance the beauty and the elegance of your home.

2. Set up a theme for different rooms: Though Christmas is all about gifts, chocolates, lights and the combination of white, green and red colors; it can still be celebrated in the form of a theme. Set up a theme for each and every room and discover the fun of seeing your house in a diverse yet beautiful manner. This unique method will not only give a different look to your house, but will also add that impeccable charm which will make you fall in love with it. These decorations will also attract the kids and make them happy to be a part of the celebrations.

3. Don’t forget the Christmas tree: Christmas tree decoration is a vital part of the celebrations and that goes even before saying. There are many ways of celebrating the tree, traditional one, lighting up the tree, hanging stockings, placing gifts, etc. but doing that in an offbeat approach can altogether make your celebrations a unique thing. Create a snow kind of feel on the Christmas tree by sprinkling glitters and covering it with white drapes. You could even try a unique method of decoration by hanging wishing cards on it and asking your family members or friends to write something they want to get fulfilled by the Santa.

4. Set up a Christmas Village: Now this is something exciting and unique way of celebrating the event with the help of which you can recall the traditions and the reason of celebrating the event. You could add a lively factor by creating a play or act kind of thing and involving the family members or friends who can create the magic by enacting the whole story. It is also and interactive way of telling the historical past to the children and making them delve into the past and knowing about the real motive behind the same. Isn’t that interesting? So, get creative and try something new this time.

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Travel RVing – How to Have an Unforgettable Halloween RVing Experience

Travel RVing is looking just a little ahead to the autumn season. Colorful foliage and cooler temperatures make fall a favorite time for RVers to hit the road. However, with Halloween just around the corner, some RVers might imagine that they could miss out on a genuine Halloween experience. But these are only RVers who have not yet ventured out to celebrate “All Hallows Eve” on the road.

Celebrating Halloween has come to be a favorite with adults as well as children all over the country. Here come the costumes, haunted houses, spooky stories, ghost hunters, and Halloween parties galore. Afraid you will miss the trick-or-treaters? No way. RV parks and campgrounds everywhere offer special activities for campers. Many are extremely elaborate and include decorations, costumes, hayrides and all sorts of games for the young’uns. Halloween has become the busiest time of year for RV parks and campgrounds.

Halloween is the ideal time for decorating. Do RVers decorate their motorhomes, travel trailers, 5th wheelers, etc., when on-the-go? You betcha’, they do! Some RVers book the park or campground for a week or more before Halloween so they can decorate. And decorate, they do! Believe it or not, some folks pull trailers packed full of decorations. Life-sized coffins, hay bales, tombstones, spider webs, jack-o-lanterns, ghosts and goblins lie in wait everywhere. Now these are the Halloween go-all-outers. A lot of RVers like to keep up their own decorating traditions, but lack the space to carry or room to set up decorations like they did in their stick homes. But, never fear, they learn to think on a smaller scale and let their creativity run wild. And, if you don’t have room to bring decorations with you, you can always pick up a few inexpensive ones at craft stores, party stores, or discount stores.

Many RVers host Halloween parties of their own. Perhaps a potluck supper or costume party is to your liking. Search the internet and you can find ghoulish recipes for Halloween fare. But, take this as a warning– some of the “treats” that you will see in your search have been created by somewhat disturbed people. Your boo-ffet could consist of melon brains, rats baked in blood, severed finger cookies, eyeball eggs, and flesh ‘n blood slushies just to name a few. Mmmm…

Whether you are looking for some Halloween fun for the whole family to enjoy, or you are a single RVer out for some adventure and camaraderie, RVing to a Halloween Happening should be just the ticket for you. Travel RVing wishes you a spook-tacular Halloween.

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